Planning for Educational Success

We offer tools and resources to help parents and educators actively support a child with Down syndrome in their educational journey.

Inclusive Education

Learn what inclusion is and why it's important, who can and should be included, and how to make inclusion a successful experience for all students.

Creating a Vision Statement for Your Child

The vision statement is a key part of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP). It is a statement that describes what you aspire for your child in the future and serves as a guide for developing special education services and goals.

Planning for an ARD Meeting

ARD (Admission, Review, Dismissal) meetings can be challenging. We've developed this video to help you understand the ARD process and help you plan for your first or next meeting.

Special Types of Services

Learn about Extended School Year Services, Supplementary Special Education Services, and Compensatory Services.

Our Favorite Resources

We have compiled our favorite resources to guide parents in the areas of special education, advocacy, the ARD, and more.

Educator Packet

This Educator Packet, produced by the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas, provides information for educators about Down syndrome, as well as principles, strategies, and resources for inclusion, teaching, communication, sensory processing, behavior, and friendships.