Health & Development

We offer resources to help parents with the medical, dental, therapeutic, and developmental aspects of raising a child with Down syndrome.

Healthcare Guidelines

Health care guidelines help define the standards of quality care for individuals with Down syndrome. Learn more about these guidelines and access downloadable versions for both children and adults with Down syndrome. Growth charts for children with Down syndrome are also available.

Dental Care Guidance

Dental experts offer tips for parents of individuals with Down syndrome on preparing for dental visits and instilling good oral hygiene habits.

Developmental Milestones in the First 3 Months

There is no such thing as a typical child with Down syndrome; however, their development is usually slower than that of most children. This resource provides charts with the developmental progress of children with Down syndrome.

School-Based Therapy vs. Private Therapy

As children transition from Early Childhood Intervention to a school-based program, the model for providing related services such as Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy (ST, OT, PT) most often also changes. Here we compare the two therapy models.

Developmental Disabilities and Oral Health

Developmental disabilities can impact a person’s general and oral health standing. Certain disorders can impair learning, physical, language, and behavioral capabilities

Effects of Medications on Oral Health

Prescription and over-the-counter medications can negatively impact your general and oral health.

Common complications associated with everyday medications include irregular bleeding, changes in taste, soft-tissue reactions (sores), dry mouth, and enlarged gum tissue.