adult tutoring

The Adult Continuing Education (ACE) program offers tutoring for adults with Down syndrome in the areas of reading, math, and writing. 

Tutoring is available for those who are 18 years and older and offered once a week for 90 minutes. All lessons are individualized to the level of each student. Each student gets his/her own academic binder with lessons chosen specifically for his/her abilities. This is an ideal one-on-one tutoring situation where the student receives individualized attention. The process is simple. If a student is interested in participating in this program, an application is completed followed by an informal assessment performed by the Director. This information is used to develop the academic lessons.

We are always looking for volunteer tutors. When a tutor is interested in volunteering for this program, an application is completed followed by an orientation completed by the director. Then, the student and tutor a matched based on personalities and availability of tutoring times. Please note that all lessons are created by the director. The volunteer only needs to show up and open the student’s binder and the work is ready.

Reaction to this program is outstanding. Real friendships have developed with these tutoring sessions. The tutor and student create a connection and bond that is so pleasing to watch develop. The tutor learns from the student, as well as the student learning from the tutor. It is a “win-win” for both! The academics are a plus for our students! The friendships are even better!!

Oralia Lara-Vargas is the director of the ACE program. Oralia is a retired Special Education Director and has also taught postsecondary classes at the university level. Anyone interested in participating should contact Oralia directly via email at or call 210-349-4372 for more information.

Due to our current health quarantine, the ACE Tutoring program is on hold currently.

Please contact Oralia Lara-Vargas for specific information regarding this program.

The generosity of donors allows the Down Syndrome Association of South Texas to provide this service for free.