Welcome to the Down Syndrome Association of South Texas

Purpose: Empower and support individuals with Down syndrome and their families to access resources, engage with their community, andprogress toward self-actualization. 


Mission: Provide lifelongservices and support to individuals with Down syndrome and theirfamilies to optimize well-being,develop rewarding relationships, and fosterinclusion in the community. 


Vision: Every person with Down syndrome will achieve their fullest potential and live their best life. 


Values: Hope, Respect, Empowerment, Inclusion, & Joy


Here's How We Can Help


The DSASTX provides a variety of on-going programs and events that provide learning opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome and their families.


The DSASTX is growing and now serves over 1,250 families impacted by Down syndrome.


The DSASTX holds monthly opportunities for families to get together and enjoy life living as a community.

Featured Event

Visit back soon to see what fun events we will have in 2020!

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