Adult Continuing Education (ages 18 and over)

The Adult Continuing Education (A.C.E.) program is a post-secondary academic option designed for adults with special needs to maintain and improve their skills in reading, writing, and math as they transition from the school to a community setting.


The A.C.E. program is for individuals with Down syndrome ages 18 or older. The A.C.E. program provides:

• An assessment to determine the student's educational level and goals
• Individualized lessons in functional and academice reading, math, and writing
• Weekly 90 minute tutoring sessions
• Improvement in self-determination and self-advocacy to gain independent living skills
• A safe and positive learning environment

The informal assessment is performed by our A.C.E. Program Director, Oralia Lara, to determine the student's academic and functional level and the necessary intervention. Additionally, Oralia provides training and orientation for the volunteer tutors and prepares the tutoring lessons. All sessions are provided on a complimentary basis as a part of the services of the Down Syndrome Association of South Texas.

If you are a person with Down syndrome and would like to participate in the A.C.E. program, please submit the A.C.E. Student Application to:

Attn: A.C.E. Program
2800 NW Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78213

If you have any questions regarding the program or if you are interested in becoming an A.C.E. tutor, please submit the A.C.E. Volunteer Application to the above address and please contact Oralia Lara, the A.C.E. Program Director, at 210.349.4372 or

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